We’ve been in the New Year for just over a week now. Most people see this as the time to set up new goals for themselves, set resolutions to improve their diet or health. The start of a new year means a new start for the calendar and we tend to associate this with the possibility to create a new start for ourselves too, to better ourselves. Unfortunately, these resolutions usually fade into the background as weeks go by. Who knows maybe you set goals and already fell off the wagon!

I think this is partly because we create these expectations for ourselves that may be out of reach. We have this idea of what the perfect mom, the perfect girlfriend or other perfect characters we see or create in our heads should be. Social media is bad for that, and we know it, but sometimes it still happens and we can’t help but comparing ourselves.

I think instead, we need to take these idealistic people and the desire to create something fresh in the start of the new year and set out lifestyle improvement goals. Take these people you may be tempted to compare yourself with and use them as inspiration instead of models to create these goals. Wouldn’t it better to set out goals to make improvements to your lifestyle that can benefit you through the years instead of trying something short time because you find yourself in need of change?

The word resolution can come with a sense of obligation that you have to follow the rules and by not doing so you may feel like you have failed yourself which may only make you feel worse in the end.

Goals are easier to see as something you set out to achieve but we tend to be more forgiving if they aren’t. Maybe it’s because you can work towards goals and without necessary achieving the goal, you can still create improvements along the way, kind of like stepping stones towards your main goal.

So go ahead, find some inspiration.

Use something you want to improve on and make a list.

Start small!

Once you get to make the first step a habit, move on to the next.

Don’t feel like it has to be all or nothing. And if something doesn’t stick, don’t beat yourself over it. Find something else on your list that seems more achievable and come back to the more difficult ones. But keep in mind, it take about 21 days to create a habit, so whatever you choose to work on, you have to give it a chance and commit.

Need some inspiration? Here are some examples that may be helpful to get you started.

– Take time to sit down and eat your meals. 

– Drink more water.

– Substitute meat protein for vegetable protein a couple times a week.

– Go for a daily walk.

– Buy in bulk.

– Start your day with stretches.

– Learn how to use deep breathing to relax.

– Eat with the seasons.

– Substitute take out for home made lunches.

– Try a new activity

– Cook meals as a family

– Substitute one of your daily coffees for herbal teas.

– Make time for family/ friends

Good luck! 

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