Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. We will only have daylight for 7 and a half hours. That’s not a lot! But the good news is, days are only getting longer from now on until the summer. These really short days can really take a toll on your mood and you might be feeling it today.

I have gathered for your 9 foods you might want to include in your supper tonight if you are feeling the winter blues. There’s even a little something for dessert!

1-Salmon. Rich in omega-3s and healthy fats, salmon can provide support for your brain and enhance your mood.

2-Lean meats. These are a great source of amino acids which can positively affect your mood.

3-Vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin is obviously a little harder to obtain from the sunshine on these short winter days. Eating foods like egg yolks, fish and milk can help counteract this lack of natural sunshine.

4-Bananas. This fruit is a good source of carbohydrates and vitamin B6 which is necessary for tryptophan conversion into serotonin. This conversion is necessary to avoid depression and anxiety.

5-Avocado. This also comes in handy with serotonin production as it is also high in vitamin B6. The high fiber content also tends to regulate blood sugar therefor keeping hunger and mood stable.

6-Eggs. I mentioned these are a good source of vitamin D, but they also contain healthy fats, protein and choline. These nutrients are all necessary to keep the seasonal blues away.

7-Pumpkin seeds. Their high content of zinc make these seeds a perfect snack for this gloomy day. This mineral is needed for brain health and production of energy. They can also regulate your appetite and keep your mood stable.

8- Spinach. Its iron content can help beat the fatigue linked with seasonal blues and keep your energy levels high. Spinach also contains B vitamins which only adds to the fighting power of this vegetable against sluggishness.

9- Chocolate. That’s right! Dark chocolate contains polyphenols which are a type of antioxidants. They have also been studied for their mood enhancing properties.

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