I know big deal right… I got a workout in.

But to me this is a big deal.

Ever since my son was born, I have been thinking about when and how I was going to rekindle the love between me and the gym downstairs.

And for the longest time that’s all I did was think.

But not today!

I put the baby down for a nap and I headed downstairs where my toddler was happily entertaining himself with his hot wheels. And I just did it. I put on my shoes, picked up some weights, started a stopwatch and just started moving.

You see, I’ve always enjoyed getting my sweat on. After my first pregnancy, I wasted no time with the workout videos and got right back into it.

But then I learned about pelvic floor and diastasis recti and prolaspe. Not that I had any issues after having my first but now I knew what could happen. So when I got pregnant with my second, I was a little more cautious with exercise.

And then I stopped. Truth is this last pregnancy was a little tougher and between pelvic pain, chasing a toddler and a puppy I had no energy left for anything. And that was okay.

After having him, I was looking forward to getting back to it. But then I got in my head. About what would happened if I worked out too early. Or what if I was doing the wrong movements? Of course, I had diastasis so what if I just made things worst. Would working out increase my prolaspe symptoms?!

I was stuck in my head and that’s where I stayed. I would spend my whole morning planning out what exercises I would do. And then it was nap time… and then lunch… and then nap again… and next thing I knew I was in bed and still hadn’t worked out.

So I reached out to Christy at Empowerfit. Her and I had already connected a few times and when I saw her M(om)power program, I thought: “hey this girl knows a thing or two about postpartum and working out, and this program was made for you so what are you waiting for!?”

A week later I was sitting on a mat in her beautiful space. (I mean come on who else has chandeliers in their gym space?!) The boys where just hanging out, one in the playroom and the other rolling around. And we chatted. She did an assessment of my symptoms and what my goals are, and then we got moving.

And she just got me out of my head. It wasn’t about how perfect my movement was. It wasn’t about making sure I was breathing at the right time (well a little but that’s not the point I’m trying to make). It was about doing the exercise and learning to pay attention to my symptoms. And if nothing was happening then I was doing it right. And if there was a symptom, then modify!

It wasn’t about having a perfect workout. It wasn’t about having perfect form. It was about moving my body with movements that felt right to me.

And that’s how I got out of my head.

This morning I didnt pre think my workout. I put on a stop watch, did a bit of high intensity movements to get my heart beat going and then I picked up my weights and started with an exercise I was familiar with. Changing it up every 60 seconds. Not having to count out how many reps, I just thought of what my next movement would be as I was doing an exercise.

And next thing I knew I had just completed a 30 minute workout. I was sweaty, pretty sore, but most importantly I felt good!!!

So thank you Christy for getting me out of my head! If you haven’t had a chance to go check out this space yet it is a must! The coaches are knowledgeable, there is a space for kids to play (so super mama friendly) and the group classes are far from intimidating.

If you are worried about being a beginner or looking silly. Don’t! Everyone is there to do the same thing you are doing. Get moving! Each at their own pace with ways to modify so it feel right for each of them.

To have a look at what the studio offers, follow this link to the website

or go check out the Instagram page!

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